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Updated on 24 March 2020
All Packages are based on Seasonal Rate, book us today to secure your Package!!!

Established since 2007 and formerly known as an-ideadesign, WMA Production™ has since expanded and is implementing various services and partner associations to serve their clients better. Photography, Videography, Animation and the list goes on.

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Add-on Services Complimentary
Wedding Trailer / MV at $100 (UP:$500)
Concept Short Film at $200 (UP:$800)
Instantbooth* at $300/$500 (UP:$680 - $950)
Additional Photographer (5 hours) - $400
Additional Videographer (5 hours) - $400
Additional Photographer (10 hours) - $600
Additional Videographer (10 hours) - $600
Priority Post-Production (48hrs)* - $150
Video Live Feed For Banquet* - $200
Aerial Concept Shoot* - $150
Childhood Montage
Interview/Tribute Montage
Wedding VFX ( Visual Effects )
Cartoon / Save-The-Date Poster
1hr Casual Photography
Full-Day-Edit Highlight**
Pre - Solemnization Photography*
Pre - Solemnization Cinematography*
200 4R Print Slot Album
Blu-Ray Video Compilation
Simply sign-up with any Combo Packages to enjoy the Add-on or Complimentary Services. Pick and choose the desired services from the Package entitlement to suit your wedding needs. Who does more than us? Because we value your moment.
All Packages are based on Seasonal Rate, book us today to secure your Package!!!
*Subjected to availability
**Valid for Combo B only

Wedding Theme Concept / VFX
Justin + Shannice Amran + Madinah
Keith + Jacelyn Yu Cheng + Jing Xuan
Daniel + Marval (VFX)  
Cartoon Animation
Compliments and testimonials from couples had proven us for being recognized as the most accurate illustration and affordable Wedding Montage Animation among the industry since 2007.

Sample of recent work for the lovely
"Mik & Karen"------------------>>
Wedding Cinematography
There are quite a few occasions that one tends to capture and store for as long as possible. Your marriage or even the first fight you had since you got attached (importance is subjective)! And what better way to carve such memories in stone than with a well-crafted video.
Pre-Wedding Concept Film
Pre-wedding Concept Videos are becoming a very popular choice for couples nowadays. They provide a storybased introduction to your wedding reception in a film manner.
Pre-Wedding Concept MV
Music Videos are becoming a very popular choice for couples too. They provide a great alternative for entertainment at your reception, and can be an awesome introduction to your wedding.
"In the quest of immortality, Man has found several ways of ensuring that their legacy lives on. Some tried to label the world in their name through wars, while others created
highly-influential websites with enough followers to populate nations. This new deal we have however, doesn't only allow oneself to immortalise his/her best moments,
but without shedding blood or while doing so!"

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