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"Captures Moment Instantly!"

Providing efficient instant photo printing service and live feed streaming projection. Attended more than thousands of events as of today. Handling all kinds of themes such as, Wedding, Corporate, Open-house, Military, Birthday Party, Dinner & Dance, Baby Shower and even House Warming.

Instant Print Services

• 2 hours Reception Coverage
• Unlimited Print
• Choice of Printout (2R, Strip or 4R)
• Live Projection
• Customized Overlay Template Design

• 4 hours Full Banquet/Luncheon Coverage
• Unlimited Print
• Live Projection
• Choice of Printout (2R, Strip or 4R)
• Customized Overlay Template Design
• Includes Table to Table shots
• Additional top-up for 41 tables or more

Template Overlay Design

WMAProduction provides a fully customized design template overlay based on your theme, or source given. Overlay title, captions and even images. Making your printing layout a unique one!

FUN Props

A wide range of Fun Props to choose from, giving your image just a little Punch in style!

"Below are some popular props being used!"

Livefeed Projection

Showcasing image of the happenings through the projectors. All image captured wil be transmitted to the network access point and projected out instantly.

However, due to the number of tables, guest and environment setup, or even the interference of mobile devices, the transfer of network speed may be affected. Do check out with WMAProduction for further details.

"In the quest of immortality, Man has found several ways of ensuring that their legacy lives on. Some tried to label the world in their name through wars, while others created
highly-influential websites with enough followers to populate nations. This new deal we have however, doesn't only allow oneself to immortalise his/her best moments,
but without shedding blood or while doing so!"

* Terms & Conditions apply

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