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Our clients have the following comments on WMAProduction Review and Testimonial to share from their experiences in working with us. Thank you for your support and encouragement.
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"There is nothing worse than a brilliant image of a fuzzy concept"
Wayne + Jessie AD Wedding

"Like to specially thanks Andy and Dick for capturing all the beautiful moments of our wedding on Sat!!!

Andy - We are impressed with ur morning highlight. Given with pretty tight timeline, you managed to deliver & more than what we expected! The video is hilarious & touching. Thank you Andy!

Dick - Thank u so much for capturing so many photos for us throughout the whole morning of our big day. Your professionalism had drawn our attention since our ROM as such we LOVE your service!"

Wayne & Jessie

Alvin + Zariel AD Wedding

"Thanks Andy & Adrian for capturing all the magical moments on our wedding day! They are easy to work with, knowledgeable, and made us feel comfortable throughout every step. Andy is an extremely talented videographer who has a natural eye for any scene and made Alvin and I feel absolutely stunning in all the videos. He is fabulous to work with and delivered everything we wanted with excellence. Thanks Andy!

Adrian did a wonderful job of capturing all the beautiful moments throughout our wedding! We have seen his works on his website and admired his skills in photography. He is professional, helpful, and friendly and he knows how to get the best shot in every scene. We could not have asked for a better experience for our pictures. Thanks Adrian!

Andy & Adrian were absolutely amazing from beginning to end and all our family and friends complimented on how the videos left us speechless. The prewedding video, childhood montage and cartoon illustration poster were excellent and the express highlights were perfect! They are such a dynamic duo and we had so much fun working with them. Both of them compliment and feed off each other to produce excellent videos and breath-taking photos.

We were happy with the professional service provided by them and choosing Andy (WMA Production) and Adrian (Love Meet Lens) are definitely the best investment of our wedding! "

Alvin & Zariel

David + Sze Bee AD Wedding

"Andy was very professional from the first day we met to the end of the wedding day. We engaged WMA for our ROM videography and actual wedding day photography and videography services. During our meet-up sessions, Andy was very attentive and paid special attention to our requests. He even suggested refreshing ideas to incorporate into our video so that it would be different from the other videos we see out there.  

On the actual wedding day, we had a very tight schedule but Andy managed to capture more than what we expect. He guided us patiently throughout the day, from the tea ceremony in the morning to the march-ins at the wedding dinner. Due to a shortage of time, Andy went straight to the hotel after the morning ceremony to edit the video to be played during the wedding dinner. We can feel Andy's strong passion in his work and we knew that our video will be safe in his hands. Indeed, the same day edits was able to portray our love for each other and also able to capture the fun moments of the gate crashing activities.   

Dick, the photographer, was very popular among the elderly as he joked around with them a lot. We have yet to see the photos but we are certain that he managed to capture a lot of wide smiles through his constant reminder. It is the first time that we experienced such a 'demanding' photographer who will press the camera button and take the photo only if everyone is smiling through their teeth. =D It was a tiring day for all of us but Dick managed to lighten the mood with his jokes and allowed us to enjoy the moment. We can't wait to see the photos! 

Furthermore, both Andy and Dick came earlier than the agreed time and they started their shooting straight away. We were impressed by their professionalism and we would definitely recommend WMA to all our friends.

Thank you! "

David & Sze Bee

Jayden + Zandy AD Wedding

"Initially i am still afraid of how my wedding highlight would be like. However on the actual day itself even before we view it, i receive several good reviews about how fantastic the video was. To my surprise, it is REALLY, REALLY unexpectedly good. Jayden and me loves it! Wanna give Andy, the videographer a big thumbs up. Thank you very much for the memorable video and you are really a nice guy to work with. As for the photography part, Adrian is a humorous guy who can make me smile even though how tense and serious i am. I think a good photographer not only must have skills but also the attitude which plays an important role to capture wonderful moments for us. I have already recommended WMA Production to my friends! Thumbs up to the team and keep it going! "

Jayden & Zandy

Keith + Felicia AD Wedding

"You guys have been very professional throughout the day. Though it's a long day for both of you, you guys still stayed back till the end of the wedding.

Once again, thank you and well done. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to my friends who require photography services."

Keith & Felicia

Willy + Elaine AD Wedding

"I think Andy really did more than what we expected. The video he did really made my guest screamed... Especially with the last part he incorporated into my morning express highlights. From the angles he shoot, i think he is really a professional.

I think after watching the video u'll laugh too. Very nicely made.. Even till today, I'm still watching it everyday. Haha..

I will intro my friends and colleagues in future if they need any photography or videography.

Lastly, I wanna thank Andy very very much. Me and my wife really appreciate Andy's professionalism & working attitude. Respect!!!"

Willy & Elaine

Jun Jie + Hui Ru AD Wedding

"We are a newly wed couples and we had our actual day wedding on the 17th November 2012. We engaged Andy's videography services on our actual day for the morning tea ceremony sessions, in order to produce the express highlights to show to our guests during the evening banquet.

We are satisfied with his services and we felt that the money was well spent. He performed professionally. For instance, he actually spent time to explain to us the various types of videos that he was able to make. This gave us some ideas what we wanted for our wedding.

On the actual day morning, he arrived at the bride's house on time without delays. This gave us a great assurance and confidence in his services because the first impressions were always that important. The video was well done by Andy and he actually helped us to capture the most important events during the morning tea sessions, capturing those memorable expressions and actions. Our guests were quite impressed with the video too.

Overall, we are satisfied with his professionalism in carrying out his services."

Jun Jie & Hui Ru

Leslie Beckman

"I have used Andy to photograph my family 3 times in the last year and will use him again. I have a rowdy 4-year old boy and a 2-year old girl who doesn't like to get her photo taken. Andy just let them play in the garden and worked his magic behind the camera. I was there and I still don't understand how he captured the images that he did. It is a pleasure to work with Andy in such a relaxed environment as well as getting beautiful digital images that I can print now and use in future years as my family grows."

Leslie (USA/Australian)

Kim & Jun Wei

"We had an enjoyable session shooting with Andy. He was very patient and made us feel very comfortable. We especially love how the photos turned out at the end – stunning!

Thanks for everything Andy, your work is great!"


Kim & Jun Wei


"After three awkward, incredibly-staged photo shoots with other companies, I am grateful to Andy. Although a bit quiet, Andy helped to give my boyfriend and I a thoroughly enjoyable experience, with even better photos. We love his artistic style, his vision, and how he seemed to always pick the best spots and poses by encouraging us to do whatever was natural. He worked around us with incredible patience and skill that only comes from much experience."


Fantastic! We were very pleased with his friendly service. Your passion in photography, skills and your artworks are simply fabulous! U hv done a gd job! Thanx so much!

He did a very good job that i will definetly recommend him to anyone seeking for professionalism and fond memories.

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