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Focusing on what the clients need, and work together to achieve expectations from the project. The Video & Musics are fully customized as well. Share your joyous moments with WMA on your wedding day? Candid and Natural shooting styles bringing your precious moments to life, engage your guests and capture their attention.You are the stars and we help you shine.

Professional Lunch Wedding Express Highlight editing that doesn't compromise on quality. Showing of morning happening includes "Gate Crushing with voiceover". Within a short period of allowance given for editing WITHOUT extra charges, completion without fail has always been a challenge while not many company willing to take up.

WMA do not use templates for editing.

*Video quality are reduced for loading purposes.

ROM Solemnization

• 2 hours coverage (No interval allowed)
• Highlight + Raw given in Printed DVD
• Exceeding per hour at $150 (If applicable)

Actual Day Wedding

Morning Coverage
• 5 hours coverage (No interval allowed)
• HD Video Recording
Morning Highlights (If applicable)
FREE Childhood Montage
SDE + Raw given in Printed DVD

Full Day Coverage
• 10 hours coverage (With interval)
• HD Video Recording
Morning Highlights (If applicable)
FREE Childhood Montage
SDE + FDE + Raw given in Printed DVD

Pre - Wedding

Childhood/Pre-Wedding Photo Montage
• Choice of Photos or VIdeos
• Mixed & edited with Music
• 4 ~ 10 minutes playback
• 1 DVD (Final output)

Concept Cinematography / Short Film
• Up to 10 hours coverage with interval
• HD Video Recording
• Storyline planning
• Choice of locations by clients
• Full Story playback
• Choreograph by WMA
• 1 DVD (Final output)
• Exceeding per hour at $100 (If applicable)

Sexy Naughty Bitchy
Wedding Teaser 1 Wedding Teaser 2
Wedding Teaser 3 Wedding Teaser 4
Wedding Teaser 5  
Conceptualized Video
YiYang + Ivy Christopher + Zhen Hui
Clement + Xiuyan Kevin + Cynthia
Jerome + Lynn Trailer 1
Trailer 2 Ivan + Xueyi
Jun Xiong + Regine  
Visual Effects CGI (VFX)
Laker + Sabrina Teaser (Visual Effect) Chee Wee + Angel (Avenger) (Visual Effect)
Kevin + Jasmine (Visual Effect) Roy + Sylvia (Visual Effect)
Wesley + Pearlyn (Visual Effect) Gary + Zynn (Visual Effect)
The Romance
Anthony + Serene Andrew + Fay
Kwun Kit + Xing Ying Rita + Rom
Jacob + Vivian Meldran + Vikish
Rikki + Yu Ling Jason + Huimin
Same Day Edit Highlight
Patrick + Serene (SDE) Eric +Jasmine (SDE)
Derrick + Angeline (SDE) Ren Zhan + Magdelene (SDE)
Heng + Mayling (SDE) Wen Xiang +Joanna (SDE)
Gary + Summer (SDE) Alex + Agnes (SDE)
Alston + Cindy Alex + Jelly (SDE)
Mite + Bell (SDE) Matthew + Cindy (SDE)
Joel + Amily (SDE) Josh + Cindy (SDE)
Willy + Alicia (SDE) Yiwen + Felicia (SDE)
Ikeda + Yoyo (SDE) John Paul + Czarina (SDE)
Darren +Syannes (SDE) Marcus + Jeslyn (SDE)
Jameson + Youying (SDE) Charleston + Shumei (SDE)
Jayden + Zandy (SDE) David + Sze Bee (SDE)
Andy + Mandy (SDE) Samuel + Yanny
Same Day Lunch Edit
Wayne +Jessie (Lunch Edit) Timothy +Yilynn (Lunch Edit)
Ivan +Janice (Lunch Edit) Alvin + Zariel (Lunch Edit)
Melvin + Huiqi (Lunch Edit) Lovekesh + Aliz (Lunch Edit)
Elijah + Athalia (Lunch Edit) James + Serene (Lunch Edit)
Pre - Wedding Concept
Louis + Joreen MV Johnny + Kelly Film
JH + LL Film Featured Film: Through The Aperture
Aaron + Yvonne Film Xuan Yang + Carol Film
Bryan + Jayne BTS Xavier + Qianyun Stop Motion
Ryan + Clarice Vintage MV Timothy + lynn Film
Stanley +Vionne MV Ivan + Janice MV
Eric + Stella MV YC + Sarah Short Film Documentary
Daniel + Reenae Comedy Yongjie + Tina Concept Film
Brandon + Pei Pei MV Wang + Jun MV
Ke Zhong + Duan Neng MV Yi Xiong + Yvonne MV
Yong Hsin + Esther Concept Film Meng Hee + Ruth Concept Film
Yi Wen + Felicia MV Weiling + MV
Eng Keong + Felkisty MV Eric + Deflona MV
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"In the quest of immortality, Man has found several ways of ensuring that their legacy lives on. Some tried to label the world in their name through wars, while others created
highly-influential websites with enough followers to populate nations. This new deal we have however, doesn't only allow oneself to immortalise his/her best moments,
but without shedding blood or while doing so!"

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